10 Values For Sustainable Business Growth

Successful entrepreneurs in the healthcare market vary considerably in their personality styles, initial financial wherewithal, and experience, among many characteristics.  However, there are typically common values that unite them in building a sustainable operation.  Here are 10 that stand out in over 30 plus years of my experience:

  1. The will to persist when things are tough, while staying on point when things are going very well.
  2. Operating with resilience and understanding there will be positive and negative outcomes, sometimes on the same day.
  3. Managing with flexibility and recalibrating your approach on a regular basis.
  4. Having fun and celebrating accomplishments.
  5. Being generous with your employees and your customers.
  6. Acting thoughtfully and decisively in your decision-making.
  7. Always keeping the focus on customer value.
  8. Encouraging individual autonomy and self-management within the organization.
  9. Being a good listener and visibly translating constructive ideas into action.
  10. Embracing “profits and people” over “profits or people.

In the short run many of these can be compromised or fulfilled by others when the CEO/owner is in attendance or absent.  In the long run these values become more critical in all areas of operation including the bottom line.