4 Reasons To Accept Your “Sweet Spot”

“Transformation is actually acceptance of some things that can never be transformed – talents. We don’t change. We simply accept our talents and refocus our lives around them. We become more self-aware.” Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton, NowDiscover Your Strengths.

As Buckingham and Clifton argued in their business best seller, each of us has specific talents that set the foundation for our “sweet spot” in life. Very few entrepreneurs or business leaders incorporate this thinking into how they position themselves for their success and instead focus on correcting their weaknesses.

If you accept your “sweet spot” you can:

  1. Accelerate your progress because you will be able to be more productive in the areas in which you have the greatest talents.
  2. Enhance your delegation of tasks to others who can support your talents as well as their own.
  3. Improve the alignment within your organization along areas of talent, which will lead to greater productivity and better performance.
  4. Keep the focus on looking for complimentary talent as existing co-workers incubate and hatch and new employees are brought aboard.

This latter point is particularly important. Growing companies rely on their ability to identify new talent that can not only “do a job,” but challenge the company to continually evolve. However, talent by itself is not enough. The leadership art is in configuring your organization so there are complementary relationships among the talents.