4 Reasons Why Anticipating The Future Adds Value

There is a tale from India about three fish named Plan Ahead, Think Fast, and Wait and See.  They lived in a beautiful pond that was connected to other ponds via a stream.  One day they were warned by other members of the animal kingdom that a fisherman might be coming to their pond.  As their names implied, Plan Ahead found a safe way to another, more remote pond, while the other two fish were caught, including Think Fast, who was trapped when his line of escape was cut off.

The names give part of the moral away, but healthcare businesses with superior value typically embrace the Plan Ahead approach.  When you anticipate the future, such as emerging healthcare market changes, perfection is not necessary and you will find that:

  • You typically reduce the anxiety that can paralyze action, whichever course may not be most advantageous.
  • The options available often increase because of your willingness to honestly look into the future.
  • Your sense of creativity is frequently enhanced.
  • Your ability and willingness to act is stronger.

This last point is critical, especially when you are seeking a buyer for your company.  Buyers appreciate sellers who have a plan of action because they see a company that has good prospects, and they may gain some insight that will add value to their larger organization.