5 Reasons Why Building From The Ground Up Is A Good Idea

During a recent engagement, my client’s senior managers were restructuring an organization beset with a myriad of challenges – declining reimbursement rates, increased competition, and unknown changes in the near future.  As we were in the midst of this task, I was asked by one of the senior managers:  “instead of focusing at the top why not start from the ground up?” Wishing I had thought of that myself, we changed our focus, leading to a very profitable discussion and some key decisions.

Why does building from the ground up make sense?

  • Most of us move too quickly from function to form, as one of the Board members of the organization noted at the time.  Starting from the fundamental level of mission-driven services and products tends to encourage lean operations.
  • You will know your customers better and be less likely to make customer-related decisions based on conference room discussions.  Not, what will the VPs think of this, but will it bring value to our customers?
  • When you start at a fundamental level you will be clearer about what resources your customer-facing employees and agents need to be successful vs. altered requests for resources weaving through multiple levels of bureaucracy.
  • You will be more likely to build a fundamental expectation for performance that can better filter up through the organization.
  • It adds to the cultural integrity of your organization and your hull is less likely to spring a leak.

The company that I began with in this article has that integrity, despite the many obstacles it faces in today’s market.  And because they are starting from the ground up they are in a better position to build sustainable success than many other well-capitalized companies.