5 Thoughts On Why People Want You To Succeed

Whether going to a presentation, leading the execution of plan, or turning around a company in crisis, just about everyone wants you to succeed, including your competition.  Why?

  • Success can create stability in the environment, whether short or long-term in nature.  Most of us seek this cultural homeostasis to keep our emotion and action in balance.
  • Your audience or teammates project themselves on to you, so when you succeed they have a personal experience of success through your accomplishment.
  • If you are taking a big risk (e.g. speaking to 200 people) then the previous point is amplified and your audience will tell others of your success and their personal inspiration.
  • Those around you are also learners and in your success they will learn something they can integrate in these own personal and professional life, especially competitors.
  • Your success may increase the likelihood of their success, especially when you are teammates.

A thread that runs through these points is a personal belief that most people have good intentions and want the best for their fellow human beings. This good will can be compromised by a myriad of issues, but the intention ultimately remains intact and available.