5 Ways To Encourage Necessary Change

One of the biggest, hair-pulling challenges for a leader is how to encourage necessary change. The organization’s revenue may be declining, top talent migrating to a competitor, or the marketplace getting rocked by the big waves. Often the CEO can sense the need, but lacks the execution expertise to move forward.

Here are some methods for expediting action when it’s required:

  1. Introduce change today and tomorrow in every conversation in your workplace with the tone that change is inevitable in a learning, growing organization.
  2. As you discuss changing strategy or execution, help your peers identify the inherent benefit and enjoyment for them as individuals. Ergo, if they can’t see it making sense in their lives there is little reason for them to change.
  3. From a related perspective, help peers to align themselves with the most salient elements of organizational goals. It may seem like this takes longer than the immediate motivation via fear of failure, but fear is ultimately paralyzing and will put you in reverse.
  4. Focus on performance excellence at every level of your organization. It’s one of the best ways to find your leaders of tomorrow while accelerating immediate change.
  5. Be committed to setting the direction but even more dedicated to giving your team the resources they need to implement the plan. Even if you don’t obtain all the “necessary” resources, you will encourage further innovation.

As the word implies, encouragement fosters hope. And in the circumstances of necessary change it is one the best ways to incite action.