Breathing Comes First: 3 Considerations

The term “inspiration” comes from the Latin “inspire,” which means to breath. We have many requirements to live on this Earth, and we must breathe simply to exist. Breathing seems natural to most of us, but each of us has a time when we hold our breath. In a moment of fear or disorientation we may try to stop breathing and the logic is always paradoxical – we shut off the air at the moment when we most need it.

This is why inspiration comes first. A second, minute or even an hour of inspiration can bring much oxygen into the most stagnant of work environments, and if ultimately converted to action, can lead to startling innovation. Of course, inspired possibilities for the future can be snuffed out by our behavior, and they can also be nurtured. If you want to bring inspiration into your professional life and workplace, here are a couple of things to consider:

  • If you encourage the creative process of inspiration in your work you will be individually more productive, especially from a longer-term professional perspective. Inspiration is about a bigger picture and helps you to transcend immediate challenges.
  • If you encourage your co-workers to be inspired, it will lead to a more enriching work experience for everyone, whatever the circumstance. This inspiration is about encouraging creativity while helping to remove obstacles that get in the way for everyone, including the company’s bottom line performance.
  • If you create incubation opportunities for inspiration, you will increase the likelihood of inspiration coming to the surface – a walk, reading, singing, helping your children with homework, or enjoying dialogue with a friend (or opponent).

The last example of encouraging is time-tested. When you step outside yourself and your daily routine to engage someone else, you get the benefit of at least two perspectives. Engagement is not simply talking or listening, but the complete reciprocity of communication and a business friendship – the mutual breath of life. That’s why when you are in the middle of an honest disagreement you can experience some of your greatest inspiration.

Remember, don’t hold your breath.