Do Your Employees Really Want To Be Employees (or Entrepreneurs)? 6 Questions

It has been powerfully argued that job descriptions, pay grades, annual performance appraisals, and meetings have caused more damage than benefit in the evolution of modern business. Bureaucracy can bring some order in chaotic times, but when this needs ebbs away, the bureaucracy often continues to grow.

Here are some simple questions to ponder in response to this article’s title:

  • Do your employees schedule meetings to discuss every aspect of a project or do they create as much as possible on their own and with project-related team members?
  • Are most important decisions made in meetings or outside of meetings?
  • Is initiative generally applauded or criticized?
  • When was the last time someone brought a creative idea to you and had already sketched out a plan for implementation that they would like to lead to completion?
  • When employees talk about what they “do” at your company, do they focus more on the process or the results from the customer’s perspective?
  • When employees talk about their work expectations do they talk about their job description or what they need to do to help the company and themselves to be successful?

The answers to these questions may have some value, but what you do based on your answer is the most important result.