Duckdiving: 4 Ways To Hang In There

There are some challenges in life that become bigger and bigger the more we try to overcome them. In fact, our attempts to address an immediate concern can grow into a huge problem.

Early in his teenage chronicle, Saltwater Buddha, Jaimal Yogis tells the story of learning how to “duckdive” as a surfer – pushing his surfboard beneath the ocean’s surface in the face of a “freight train of rushing water” in order to come out the other side. Despite the fact that it was the only way to pass through the big waves and position himself for a great ride, he repeatedly met failure. It seemed it was getting harder each time.

At that moment of ultimate frustration he changed his focus. He pulled his board even deeper into the water as the big wave approached, and he was sucked down. Seemingly without effort he came out the other side, ready for the next opportunity.

We each struggle with challenges, especially as leaders. Jaimal’s experience is instructional:

  • Persistence is a virtue – not knocking your head repeatedly against the wall, but commitment to being successful as a mature, skilled surfer.
  • Adjusting your focus, not your big goals – while staying true to your vision, there are tactical adjustments you can make to realize your dream.
  • Use your intellect – Jaimal was physically pounded by the waves, but he knew there was a way as others had learned.
  • Appreciate your success – appreciation is a recognition that will help you get through today’s tough times.

The tragedy of continual frustration for many is that they give up. When you give up your dream it shows in everything that you do (or don’t). Duckdiving is about hanging in there and developing talent with perspective.