How To Grow With Your Customers: 5 Actions

The emerging, progressive view of your customers is that they are collaborators in your success, as well as their own.  Yes, you have some separate interests, but you often share enough in common that it makes sense to work together.

When you grow in the direction of your customer’s values and interests they appreciate it and give you the important feedback (positive and negative) that distinguishes an unknown person from a friend.  Friends may give you feedback that you don’t initially like, but upon reflection you know their intentions are good for your business.

To grow with your customers try implementing the following:

  • Listen with the ears of someone who wants to know everything possible about their needs and preferences.  This is the first thing that customers look for to decide whether you’re real or not.
  • Capture data that they think is important before trying to translate it into your vernacular and format.
  • Be personal in your approach.  A good 1:1 conversation often yields insights that could not be gleamed from thousands of pieces of data.
  • Invite customers into your conference room.  Listening on their turf is great, but this step completes the picture for you and your customer.
  • Insist that everyone else in your organization follows suit with the above.

The energy and determination of a customer-leaning organization is discernible to everyone.  With the focus on your customers the dynamic is powerful and will accelerate everything from product/service development to the next big idea.