Joyful Reorganization: 3 Reasons Why

Last week I worked with a large health care company that is in the process of reorganizing itself for the “new normal” that is emerging in the US. Many companies have resisted this approach in the face of what I call “cultural PTSD,” and I believe many of them will not survive the change and relentless competition in the future. This company is filled with joy about the possibilities for reorganization for a number of reasons:

  • Reorganization gives them a chance to be entrepreneurs in an increasingly competitive marketplace, while innovating in service quality. They are fostering organizational hope.
  • Reorganization is an opportunity to create true synergies that will result in reduced expenses in some areas, and improved communication in others.
  • Reorganization offers the possibility of “righting” some past structural “wrongs.” There were several band aid solutions implemented as the company grew, needlessly increasing operational stress and confusion, despite the best of intentions.

Reconfiguring an organization does not guarantee success. Yet, it can provide a platform for exceptional performance during the most significant marketplace changes of the past half century.