Say Yes

During the past year I received feedback from many of you about content in this newsletter, my speeches, and other media.  Most of the feedback is introduced with something like “that article confirmed something I believe about…”  One person wrote, “I found myself saying yes…”  Here are some of the most common themes that readers said “yes” to in the past year:

  • Time is invaluable and keeping that in mind in all decision-making leads to choosing effective action. Time is the measure of true wealth.
  • When the focus is on the customer’s value everything else makes sense, including the structure and operation of your organization.  When there is confusion it usually results from a lack of this focus.
  • Self-management and personal accountability are fundamental to the success of the new generation of organizations.  Embrace this philosophy in all you actions and insist on it with your teammates.
  • Carefully manage your 1:1 time with others while utilizing technology for less critical communication.  Expect that you and your colleagues prepare for encounters so that the time is used for creative conversation, debate, and important decisions, not a repeat of the email distributed last week.
  • Reach outside yourself with generosity and kindness.  This may be the easiest leadership skill to develop and it’s always self-rewarding.
  • Say “no”

Saying “no” may seem an odd way to say “yes,” but it can be one the best ways to let other people know about your values.  Saying “no” to unethical or destructive behavior is actually affirming that you are very clear about the “yes” in your life.