The Next Generation Works!

One of my clients recently told me he we was surprised by the work ethic of his 20-something employees. “I was shocked” he said “by how they stepped up and made things happen.” His “shocked” was also “pleased,” but he was surprised that he could count on a younger generation to work as hard as he did.

This is the same phenomenon our parents reported on and we now opine about with our adult children, and their children. Each generation makes a work ethic judgment about the next and we can’t help ourselves! The truth is that each generation is an incredibly diverse population of individuals working each day, many of them simply to survive for another. Within our segment of the population we are looking for a relatively small group who will match up with our perspective, not necessarily their own.

One thing I know about the generation of my sons as they enter their 30s – they do not believe the world is defined by my view of it. In fact, they have some healthy differences of opinion, which have nothing to do with their work ethic. As my client learned, you can only inspire others to motivate themselves by finding out what’s important to them (your employees) in the scope of your vision and mission. When you see that, work ethic is much less of an issue.