The Present Link: 3 Benefits Of Referrals

Last week, I received a call from a potential client that was prompted by a referral from one of my competitors.  Why would a competitor refer to another competitor?  “Because they needed help now and I wasn’t able to give them the attention they deserve,” she replied to my curious question.  In a professional world seemingly filled with relentless competition, she acted with integrity and astute business sense.

Here’s what she accomplished with a simple act:

  • The client took notice of her behavior for the future and said that “I would tell other people about her.” The client hadn’t even engaged her for consultation services.
  • I thought of the next time when I was in a position to make a referral that I would definitely consider her, not simply as a quid pro quo, but because I felt an initial sense of respect for her.  My professional interest was also piqued, and some additional research on her work suggested the possibility of future collaboration.
  • Her current clients likely received services that were not compromised by over-commitment.

Helping people find the service they need is, in and of itself, a professional service, even if you don’t receive immediate reimbursement for it.  But likely, you ultimately will.