The Same Old Sex: Bringing Creativity Back Into Your Professional Life

Relationships that include loving, joyful sex and interaction are beautiful.  And like anything beautiful the joy can wane, the behavior can become repetitive and the beauty underappreciated.  Thus, the same old sex.  Not necessarily destructive, but more of “going through the motions.”

Your professional life may be the same.  A passion for a cause and a creative outpouring of thought and action can become the mundane. You may even realize it, yet feel a lack of energy to reassess and react to what you are developing.

You may be building a habit that starves your creative energy.

The metaphor of sex and love fit because many of us have had an intimate relationship with our professional ambition and inspiration, but the same old sex and habitual behavior has sometimes gotten in the way. We go to work, put in the time and maybe seek anesthesia at the end of the day.

Bringing creativity and joy into you professional life requires action contrary to the habit of the same old sex including:

  • Taking a step back and refusing to accept the mundane even if it means some discomfort and fear of loss.  The truth is that there has been some loss already and taking time out may create an opening for re-appreciation of what you truly enjoy in your profession.
  • Re-engagement should be a thoughtful process where you assess any decision you have made that compromises your true professional inspiration.  This is not about a job but a valuing of yourself.
  • If you really want the truth about how others see you just ask.  When you step out of the same old habit other people notice and may believe you are more interested in listening.  It’s up to you to listen.
  • Most professional goals have a long-term, personal element that will not be satisfied in a one-time exchange.  When you disentangle yourself take your time to carefully look forward.

It should not be surprising that the same old sex permeates many long-term relationships and professional careers.  When you step out, even for a short time, you increase the opportunities for growth for you and those with whom you have a meaningful relationship.  Moreover, they will love you the more for it, because you opened a door for them, as well.