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The Myth Of Timing: 3 Reasons

Day traders, stock analysts, and even business sellers often talk about timing – the perfect moment to complete a sale or purchase for maximum financial advantage. After 30 years of working with buyers and sellers of healthcare companies, I have found that it is rarely the best of strategies and is most often only appreciated…


Considering Your Options: 7 Early Questions To Ask Yourself

When owners begin to consider the value of their business, they need to know the answers to these questions: What am I selling? What will the market bear? How do I calculate my sweat equity as part of the valuation? Will I receive the entire sale price at closing? Will some of the proceeds be…


Your True Bottom Line: 4 Considerations

Sellers are sometimes surprised when they calculate the funds they will receive at the closing of their business transaction. Their surprise can become disappointment because they have failed to consider the following: The impact of a stock vs. asset sale – contract continuity may dictate a stock sale and sellers usually prefer a stock sale…


The Myth of Retirement & Selling Your Business: 3 Thoughts

Like one of Aesop’s fables many of us have maintained a myth about how we will fund our retirement dream as we sell our healthcare business.  It is not a myth unique to health care business entrepreneurs, but it is a myth for several reasons: The retirement dream for most is not one of playing…