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Putting Your Best Book Forward

Representatives of healthcare business sellers and buyers often refer to the “book” – a collection of information that is unique to each seller’s company, while containing some relatively generic data across the spectrum of services and products. While this book is usually only created at the time of a business listing for potential buyers who…


Why Some Businesses Don’t Sell: The Top 10 Reasons

While most businesses go through a relatively successful transition, including an outright sale, some don’t sell without significant adjustments in price and/or terms. Year after year national surveys yield the following top 10 reasons why some businesses don’t sell: The business is overpriced for the market. The business has several family members in top management.…


The Resurrection Of Handwritten Communication?

As the technology of communication has been enhanced, so has the ability to reach one another exploded.  TV commercials seem arcane compared to sophisticated email campaigns with colorful embedded video.  Printed mail advertisings arrive with simulated handwriting that is meant to convey a personal message. A couple of months ago I sent out a number…


The Death Of Trade Shows (And How You Can Benefit)

During the past few years, I have attended a number of healthcare-related trade shows and conferences.  Exhibiting is an interesting experience that appears to be shaped by tabletop displays, where your table is on the floor, how the exhibition is supported by the conference organizers and, of course, the relevance of your product or service. …


Looking With The Eyes Of Others: 3 Ways to Increase Your Options

Recently, I was assisting a healthcare organization focused on expanding their business activity as a tactic to succeed in an adjacent geographical marketplace.  They had a defined idea of what they wanted to provide, but when they met the payer for services (a mixture of public and private money) they were told to retool their…


5 Motives For Why People Line Up

As I was returning from a business on a Thursday evening, quite a few of us began assembling in the A1-30 and 31-60 queues at the Southwest Airlines gate.  By the time the attendant arrived to announce the boarding sequence we were almost all lined up and ready to walk aboard.  He looked at us,…