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Selling In Tough Times: 4 Basic Issues

We all know the best times to sell – a strong history of profitability, great cash flow, market dominance, a solid management team in place and no debt. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes owners are in a position where they have determined they must sell and the times are tough – the…


Where Do I Find Financing?

One of the biggest challenges for many of our clients is financing for day-to-day operations, growth, and transactions. The regulatory and cultural changes accompanying the Great Recession have led to constricted lending opportunities which have forced healthcare principals to become very creative. Here are options to consider: Operations Financing There are many financing/factoring companies in…


(One Of) The Biggest Mistakes

Recently, a small behavioral healthcare provider approached me desperate to sell her business. After some discussion I learned that because of internal problems, revenue had dropped dramatically during the past year and since necessary changes were not implemented, including expense reduction, they were operating at a significant deficit. Even more, cash flow problems were strangling…


Why Transparency Is A Key To Healthcare Reform (And More)

Recently, identified the top healthcare trends, with considerable focus on the need for transparency in healthcare finance.  It seems no one knows the true cost of specific healthcare services and products. Very late in my tenure as the CEO at CPES, an employee-owned company that continues to provide services to people with severe disabilities,…


The Implication of Healthcare Reform: A Note to Sellers

While there are still many unknowns in the healthcare reform of the Obama administration, one thing is clear – healthcare business buyers are bringing the possible consequences to current and future transactions. How? Buyers are attempting to model the financial impact of healthcare reform compliance in potential purchases and they are injecting this element into…


5 Opportunities In Healthcare Consolidation

Most of us cringe when we hear the word “consolidation” unless we see ourselves as the consolidator.  We imagine behemoth companies taking over smaller operations for pennies on the dollar or nothing, stealing dreams and destroying service quality.  While these are possibilities, they have infrequently occurred during periods of consolidation in most healthcare markets in…