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7 Principles For Building And Maintaining A Successful Partnership

My Dad and his partner, Emil, owned two gas stations for nearly 20 years. They had a wonderful partnership, though they spent little time together at work or in their personal lives. Dad summed it up as “Emil liked the books and I was good out front, which worked out pretty well.” Partnerships are challenging…


5 Ways To Deal With Your Insanity

Many successful entrepreneurs have extraordinary skills for identifying market opportunities, creating a product or service to exploit these possibilities and rapidly building a successful enterprise. They are often poorly equipped to respond to the inevitable challenges of a maturing business that come their way, including general economic shifts and downturns that may warrant a different…


6 Keys To Success From Day One

Many organizations focus on “catching-up” – they launched their business some time in the past and as they reflect, they identify action necessary to repair the damage done or address missed opportunities. Early in the development of your enterprise, there are some simple and critical steps that can have lasting positive impact for the future:…


Too Close To See

Jerry started his own business supporting children and adults with mental illness in the late 1980’s.  He went through the trials that most health care entrepreneurs experience as they grow – under-capitalization, illogical regulatory requirements, staff turnover and unpredictable reimbursement rates, to name a few.  Yet, his company grew, steadily improved the quality of their…


10 Values For Sustainable Business Growth

Successful entrepreneurs in the healthcare market vary considerably in their personality styles, initial financial wherewithal, and experience, among many characteristics.  However, there are typically common values that unite them in building a sustainable operation.  Here are 10 that stand out in over 30 plus years of my experience: The will to persist when things are…


Integrity is a Competitive Advantage: The Story of Seven Cups

When we think of “integrity,” we usually conjure up words like “trust,” “ethical,” and “honesty.”  While the integrity of a company includes the above it also has another connotation:  will the boat float in the water or sink.  Such is the case with one of my clients, Seven Cups. Seven Cups is a US-based tea…