Making Integration Work: A Case Study Of Care Technology Solutions

By Tom Schramski, PhD, CMAA

Volume 3 Issue 16, August 2, 2016

tt152-50da7d45-6393-463e-ab0a-83477ae8dbe4-v2Note: From time to time we will feature case studies of companies that we believe have an opportunity to positively impact not only their immediate marketplace, but also healthcare overall. This is our first look at one of these companies.

One of the basic rules of marketing and sales is that all customers are not the same.  If you are trying to successfully engage a diverse audience, then your products and services must incorporate this thinking.  This philosophy is embedded in the approach of Care Technology Solutions (CTS) and its leader, Joseph Cellucci.

The CTS thesis is similar to many other entrepreneurs in today’s marketplace:  there is a tremendous opportunity for the delivery of integrated outpatient healthcare in a highly fragmented environment.  As Cellucci says, “there is innovation taking place in healthcare generally, but we have significant disconnection among providers and patients that is a major barrier to effective engagement, and ultimately, high quality care that CTS transforms through our unique field service and workflow-centric approach.”

How does CTS make a difference?

The foundation of the CTS technology rests on increasing patient and provider engagement to improve care and ultimately reduce expense for all parties.  Enhanced provider engagement also relies on integration of all providers, including those that are oriented towards behavioral health.  Given the differing preferences of patients and providers, the platform offers varying customizable functions (e.g. electronic alerts) and care pathways (workflow) with a focus on those elements that work best for an individual patient.  Similarly, “coordination among multiple providers can be orchestrated in a way to improve healthcare outcomes while not further burdening the provider,” Cellucci notes.

With a goal of annual revenue in excess of $25 million in the next few years, CTS is well on its way.  The company already has contracts in place to provide a mobile platform for individuals aging-in-place and advancing provider models, including ACOs and PACE programs.  Recently, CTS was one of 12 companies (out of 400 applicants) to be selected by the Start Up Academy, a nationally recognized virtual incubator.  As Cellucci often says, “our goal is to aggressively transform the marketplace so that everyone can be a winner, including patients becoming more engaged in their own care.”  Based on their track record to date there’s good reason to bet on their future success.

For more complete information on CTS see or contact Joseph Cellucci at