VirtuOx Acquires ProFox and NPF

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida, September 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — VirtuOx, Inc. (, a healthcare IT company providing diagnostic tools and services to enable healthcare organizations and professionals diagnose and treat a variety of disease states, announced today the acquisition of ProFox Associates, Inc. and NPF, Inc. The transaction was facilitated by VERTESS (, a leading healthcare M+A advisory firm.

VirtuOx, a diversified healthcare technology platform operating numerous entities, has begun executing an acquisition strategy to grow strategically within the lab services sector. “This is the first of many acquisitions for us,” said Steven Lica, Chief Executive Officer of VirtuOx. He added, “Our ability to create interoperability among multiple platforms will continue to drive us towards increased innovation with a goal of cost effectiveness and accuracy for healthcare providers and patients alike.”

VERTESS, on behalf of VirtuOx, is currently seeking additional acquisitions in the areas of Home Sleep Testing (HST), pulse oximetry, cardio remote EKG monitoring, insomnia, and related IT products and services. Please contact Bradley Smith, Managing Director of VERTESS, to discuss.

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