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Our diverse Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services have been proven valuable to countless industry leaders and executives.
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In-Depth Valuation Services Provided by VERTESS

We provide in-depth valuation services for Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy-Sell Agreements, Obtaining Financing, and more.
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Getting the Best Price When You Sell

One of the most challenging times for a healthcare business owner is planning and executing a productive transition while realizing the greatest value during a transaction.
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Companies & Owners We've Helped

VERTESS has helped numerous healthcare businesses as both sell-side and buy-side advisor to increase their company’s financial value and negotiate the best price when they decide to sell their own company or grow through acquisition.

How the VERTESS Team is Different

Unlike other healthcare M+A firms, each VERTESS Managing Director has had executive experience in either launching or managing and ultimately successfully exiting a healthcare company.
VERTESS helps healthcare businesses increase their financial value and nonprofits improve their strategic position. As a result, owners and investors have the clout to get the best deal when they acquire, and get the best results when they’re ready to sell or partner.
Our Managing Directors have owned healthcare firms and know first-hand the challenges owners and investors face. We’ve used that experience and our consulting expertise to help dozens of firms and nonprofits achieve ambitious goals.
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John Case VERTESS has an unusual ability to bring out the best in people while at the same time helping them accomplish things they didn’t know they could do. VERTESS is the complete package: a thinker, a communicator and a results-oriented doer. Author, Open Book Management
Nan Carle VERTESS acted as a trouble shooter and temporary manager with extreme confidence and vision. They came into an organization that needed to rebuild and redesign for success. VERTESS laid a business foundation that has allowed me, as the new Director, to move swiftly into a trajectory of success. They are very skilled at making difficult decisions without the emotional over lay that can get in the way of positive solutions. VERTESS inspired a sense of confidence and self-reliance from all constituents that were involved in the program. They continued as a coach and consultant to keep us on target and moving forward. I highly recommend them as an executive coach and organizational consultant. They cut through weeds and let a 1000 flowers bloom. Director, Inclusive Communities, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, Arizona State University
Rudi Jackson I worked closely with Tom and we prepared our company for acquisition, negotiated a final agreement, and concluded the sale of our company. He skillfully advised us on several key points and was there for us even after closing the deal. Very professional all around. Owner/CEO, Empowerment Clinical Community Services
Susan Eck I want to thank Tom for the personal attention and support he gave as I planned for the sale of the behavioral health company that my husband and his team operated for 20 years. Tom brought expertise and guidance through every step of the process, from the preparation of data, negotiation, and conclusion of the sale of Supported Living Systems. He helped keep my priorities in the forefront and offered alternative strategies for reaching goals. Tom kept the discussion on a steady course and gave thoughtful and wise advice at every point in the process, as we moved to a successful conclusion for both companies. CEO, Supported Living Systems
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