Testimonials of VERTESS Consulting & Advisory

VERTESS has been honored to work with these wonderful organizations.
David Pascoe Former CEO, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of a Multinational Staffing Company
Regina Gillispie Former Owner of Best Home Medical / Valley Medical Equipment
Neal Ouellett Founder, Living Innovations
Gary Sheehan President & CEO of Cape Medical Supply
Kevin Bilderback CEO of BlueDot Medical
Himmat Singh CEO of Circle of Life Home Care Anishinaabe
Norm Davis I heartily recommend VERTESS. Their work is creative, effective, results-oriented and of excellent quality. Many of our clients specifically ask for their help on projects. Senior Partner/Principal, Davis Deshaies
Cindy McClung VERTESS took our passion to a final product. We had the heart, but we struggled to make our ideals real. With VERTESS' coaching we experienced a significant turn around in service quality and financial results. Owner/CEO, ABRiO Family Services
Cindy Haworth VERTESS speaks with honesty and experience. I’ve seen them synthesize diverse perspectives and come up with unique solutions that produced tangible results. They are a tremendous resource! Principal, WORTH Consulting & Training
Karen Welles VERTESS' bold business ideas will force you to sit up, take notice, and shake things up in your own business. Two thumbs up! Owner, Edge Content
W. Mark Clark VERTESS has been extremely valuable in helping us look at various growth possibilities in a tough market. I would highly recommend them to other organizations facing similar challenges. President/CEO, CODAC
Lincoln Burr VERTESS assisted us through several complex meetings during which we laid out our future growth and diversification strategy. We were so impressed with VERTESS' strong, direct yet friendly style that we asked them back as we contemplated sharing resources with a sister company. By the end of another series of facilitated meetings we concluded that we should merge the two companies entirely. VERTESS helped us through the difficult process of planning the implementation and did it in a very efficient manner. VERTESS is unique in the world of consultants. They not only bring more real world experience than most, they also have real insight into human behavior and their calm yet direct style makes things happen. Director, Homes for Independent Living
Tyler Burke In the course of a pivotal change in professional direction, I sought out VERTESS as a consultant to address numerous strategic issues. VERTESS has been a remarkable, trusted advisor, enabling me to effectively move forward with my dreams. I enthusiastically recommend them for anyone who has similar aspirations and who could benefit from encouragement and an innovative approach to their future. Owner/CEO, Independent Life Services
John Dacey VERTESS is a creative thinker, thorough and reliable, and a force for change. Their breadth of experience in health care management, particularly in the areas of behavioral health, developmental disabilities and systems change, including building consensus, makes them a unique resource who I do not hesitate to recommend to my clients for outside consulting. Partner, Gammage & Burnham
Nan Carle VERTESS acted as a trouble shooter and temporary manager with extreme confidence and vision. They came into an organization that needed to rebuild and redesign for success. VERTESS laid a business foundation that has allowed me, as the new Director, to move swiftly into a trajectory of success. They are very skilled at making difficult decisions without the emotional over lay that can get in the way of positive solutions. VERTESS inspired a sense of confidence and self-reliance from all constituents that were involved in the program. They continued as a coach and consultant to keep us on target and moving forward. I highly recommend them as an executive coach and organizational consultant. They cut through weeds and let a 1000 flowers bloom. Director, Inclusive Communities, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, Arizona State University
Jerry Cobb VERTESS is that rare business leader with the ability to see problems in multiple dimensions and craft solutions that harness innovation and leverage human talent. In collaborating with them on multiple projects I found VERTESS to be a true strategic visionary, with a gift for communicating goals in ways that empower every individual in the organization. Their constant focus on creating value makes them always open to new ideas and never afraid to embrace change. Small wonder other business executives frequently seek their guidance on ways to energize their companies and navigate challenges. I feel fortunate to have worked with VERTESS and to have witnessed first hand their formidable talent for organizational leadership. Managing Partner/Principal, Actual Media
Wendy Sokol VERTESS encouraged the development of our management team, helping us to improve morale, customer service, and bottom-line results at a major transition point for our company. As an owner, I particularly appreciated their collaborative approach to planning and implementation. Based on our results, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other executives and owners seeking qualified assistance. Co-Owner/CEO, SOREO In-Home Services & Past President of ANCOR
Jessica Irwin VERTESS' professional acumen is without question, and their vita suggests a shrewd and thoughtful approach to a company’s management, development, and supervision. Decades of experience—coupled with a genuine humanistic approach to business, employees, and clients—made VERTESS the perfect fit to assist in our retooling of current practices. They are sensitive to diverse management styles and personalities, and attempt to guide those they consult using an introspective approach. Both my partner and I use VERTESS' guidance as a personal roadmap for consideration as we decide approaches that best suit our respective styles. SEEK Arizona has gained much in our few months of working with VERTESS as they quickly and effectively targeted areas to improve upon and provided a framework in which to do so. We look forward to maintaining a professional and personal relationship with VERTESS, and would not hesitate to utilize their services as future needs arise. In addition, I enthusiastically recommend VERTESS to any individuals or companies needing an experienced, active consultant to analyze current needs and future opportunities for growth. Owner/CEO, SEEK Arizona
Bill Tapp We engaged VERTESS to facilitate a re-visioning session as the ANCOR Foundation struggled to set a new direction for our future. VERTESS successfully helped us to sift through some great ideas, identify several obtainable goals and then move forward with the implementation of a very creative plan of action. I highly recommend VERTESS for their expertise in this area. President, ANCOR Foundation
Greg Linnebach With over 25 years in business, I felt I needed some CEO level consulting for my company. After extensive research, I felt that VERTESS' years of C-level management experience, entrepreneurship history and psychological training and expertise could be just what I was looking for. Turns out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. I would enthusiastically recommend VERTESS to any executive that wants to solidify or turn around their company. Owner/CEO, Alpha Group Administrators
Charles Monroe VERTESS provided outstanding strategic consulting services that resulted in significant operational and financial progress for our organization over a two-year period. In particular, they helped us to unleash the potential of our managers and other employees as we dealt with a challenging funding environment. They were also a trusted advisor as I was making critical executive decisions that would shape our future. In short, the results were outstanding and highly recommend VERTESS for helping you to see the future and acting on it. President/CEO, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest
John Case VERTESS has an unusual ability to bring out the best in people while at the same time helping them accomplish things they didn’t know they could do. VERTESS is the complete package: a thinker, a communicator and a results-oriented doer. Author, Open Book Management
Susan Stubbs We originally sought VERTESS' assistance to help us make some critical decisions for our future. We had been considering many options and we needed a clearer direction as we expanded our nonprofit operations. VERTESS' consultation was very effective in sharpening our strategic focus and developing a clear map for our future growth, including stronger internal alignment. VERTESS' insights were invaluable for our entire senior team and I strongly recommend them for consultation with organizations like ours. CEO, ServiceNet
Terry Johnson We sought out VERTESS for consultation based on their demonstrated expertise and knowledge of significant changes in the Iowa healthcare marketplace. From the beginning, VERTESS brought thoughtful guidance to the creation of our development and growth plan and involved all key staff and Board members in the process. As a result, we have a united team with a compelling vision for what lies ahead. We will consider VERTESS part of our Genesis team going forward. CEO, Genesis Development
Chuck Burbank We consulted with VERTESS to assist us with a complex merger with another nonprofit. Since the merger we have continued to use their services in implementing the merger and integrating our operations. VERTESS has great skills and insights that have provided tremendous benefit and I highly recommend them. CEO, SAMHC
Linda Timmons We used VERTESS’ consultation services in completing divestiture and sale to a major national company. The process went very smoothly and their guidance was invaluable. President/CEO MOSAIC
Tyler Burke The VERTESS team advised me with a very professional, long-term perspective as we negotiated the labyrinth of due diligence and some complexities in the regulatory process. The end result was so positive that I enlisted their services in pursuing the acquisition of another company. I have no hesitation in referring VERTESS to other perspective buyers or sellers. Owner/CEO, Independent Life Services
Susan Eck I want to thank VERTESS for the personal attention and support they gave as I planned for the sale of the behavioral health company that my husband and his team operated for 20 years. VERTESS brought expertise and guidance through every step of the process, from the preparation of data, negotiation, and conclusion of the sale of Supported Living Systems. They helped keep my priorities in the forefront and offered alternative strategies for reaching goals. VERTESS kept the discussion on a steady course and gave thoughtful and wise advice at every point in the process, as we moved to a successful conclusion for both companies. CEO, Supported Living Systems
John Markley We sought VERTESS’ assistance as we were looking for a strategic acquisition for our nonprofit in a new geographic area. They helped us find the ideal candidate so we could move forward with a very positive transaction. CEO, H Group
Michelle Nichols Vertess Advisors provided intermediary assistance to us when we decided to sell our human service training company, Practical Training Solutions. We were extremely pleased with their professional approach and practical guidance throughout the entire process, which they were able to expedite, exceeding our initial expectations. The end result was very positive for us as well as the new owner of PTS. I would enthusiastically recommend VERTESS to anyone seeking a productive transition from their company. Co-Owner, Practical Training Solutions
Rudi Jackson I worked closely with VERTESS and we prepared our company for acquisition, negotiated a final agreement, and concluded the sale of our company. They skillfully advised us on several key points and were there for us even after closing the deal. Very professional all around. Owner/CEO, Empowerment Clinical Community Services
Mary Jo Silcox In the process of a very challenging merger with another organization VERTESS was consistently on target and available to help us as we made some very critical decisions. Their guidance was crucial to us going forward. CEO, Compass Behavioral Healthcare
Greg Linnebach VERTESS helped us successfully deal with several complex issues during the process of negotiation while keeping our focus on the goals we had for the transaction. We were extremely pleased with their support and would highly recommend them to other business owners. Owner/CEO, Alpha Group Administrators
Nancy Newberry I have known the VERTESS team and worked with them in different capacities over the past 30 years. Most recently, they represented our company in a successful asset sale. They were very professional and respected all of our concerns along the way. Although selling a business is difficult, they made it much easier for all of us. Going forward VERTESS is going to set the standard for healthcare mergers and acquisitions. Co-Owner/CEO, American Habilitation Services
Mark Jacoby Gompers was presented with an acquisition opportunity on short notice and we turned to David Coit and the VERTESS team to help us with guidance and an assessment in order to determine how to proceed. They immediately stepped in with a very professional analysis and guidance which enabled us to proceed with a transaction that has considerable value for our future and long term goals. I can’t say enough about the high quality of their work and I would highly recommend them to anyone in similar circumstances. President/CEO, Gompers


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