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Bradley M. Smith ATP, CM&AA

Managing Director/Partner

For over 15 years I have held a number of significant executive positions including founding Lone Star Scooters, which offered medical equipment and franchise opportunities across the country, Lone Star Bio Medical, a diversified DME, pharmacy and home health care company, and BMS Consulting, where I have provided strategic analysis and M+A intermediary services to executives in the healthcare industry. In addition, I am a regular columnist for HomeCare magazine, where I focus on healthcare marketplace trends and innovative business strategies for the principals of healthcare companies. At Vertess I am a Managing Director and Partner with considerable expertise in DME, urgent care, home health care, hospice, pharmacy, medical devices, and related healthcare verticals.

Bradley M. Smith
v +1.817.793.3773

Dallas/Fort Worth Office
600 E. Rosedale St, Suite 106
Fort Worth, TX 76104